The Poetry Remedy cover

The Poetry Remedy William Sieghart

  • 224 pages
  • Viking
  • Published October 2019

Available in hardcover, ebook, and audiobook.

A beautiful collection of curated poems, individually selected to provide the perfect balm for every emotional need. The Poetry Remedy is the US version of The Poetry Pharmacy in the UK. It consists of the same content with sixteen additional poems and remedies from The Poetry Pharmacy Returns.

Sometimes only a poem will do. These poetic prescriptions and wise words of advice are tailored to those moments in life when we need them most, from general glumness to news overload, and from infatuation to losing the spark. Whatever you’re facing, there is a poem in these pages that will do the trick.

This pocket-size companion presents the most essential fixes in William Sieghart’s poetic dispensary–those that, again and again, have shown themselves to hit the spot. Whether you are suffering from loneliness, lack of courage, heartbreak, hopelessness, or even an excess of ego–or whether you are seeking hope, comfort, inspiration, or excitement–The Poetry Remedy will provide just the poem you need in that moment.